Without something to Love...Love has no meaning.
-Dick Jones

Unbridled, pencil art by Andy Mast
10 x 10" Graphite Pencil – $2,500.00
Sold: 20th Annual Art for the Sangres Show 2016

At this point in time I was feeling forward movement and progression, There was this sense of anticipation that “something” is about to happen. It felt as though I was becoming “Unbridled”. There is hope in the rays of light that also symbolize “God’s Grace”, shining down on my recovery. I envisioned myself as the horse. Rather than in an actual environment, he is bathing in an atmosphere of light filled with showers of blessings, Love and hope. A refreshing breeze has kissed his face and plays with his mane. His expression is soft and gentle as if in healing. I felt this immeasurable form of gratitude inside me that needed to be spilled, released or expressed in some way .When I reached down deep in my heart “Unbridled” became the result.

Spirit of the Valley, pencil art by Andy Mast
Spirit of the Valley
20 x 30
Sold: Western Spirit Art Show & Sale Cheyenne Wyoming

The skies, the space, the land and the light combined with this stallion’s spirit left me speechless…Upon meeting this stallion, I knew within the first ten seconds that I had to draw him. “Spirit of the Valley” represents a moment in my personal journey… As I topped this ridge on my weary climb I got a glimpse of this beautiful valley. It reminded me of the Promised Land. The storm clouds of fear and doubt broke… enabling the sun to cast her refreshing light onto the land, bringing from above a glorious message of hope and peace… I was captivated.

Spirit Unbroken, pencil art by Andy Mast
Spirit Unbroken
9 x 11" Graphite Pencil
Unavailable Private Collection 2016

Similar feelings created this work as that of “Unbridled” but the horse has picked up more confidence and strength which is obvious in his eyes. The clouds have officially opened up … the dove is soaring down to remind and to symbolize that after all my years of pain  . . .  the Love and blessings from above still are really true and everlasting. Our stallion “Zeus” and his striking spirit was the perfect model to express my inner feeling that something is going to happen . . . is happening . . . something even better is going to happen and I’m ready to gallop toward it.

Morning Meditation
15 x 15" Graphite Pencil – $5,000.00
Sold: 20th Annual Art for the Sangres Show 2016
Sunshine & Shadow, pencil art by Andy Mast
Sunshine & Shadow
16 x 20" Graphite Pencil – $7,000.00
Sold: 20th Annual Art for the Sangres Show 2016

This is my first significant piece I completed after my accident. To me it is a prime reflection of that point in time. The dark shadows in the stable reflect the blackness of my trauma. The horse felt so much like myself. Although his darkened world in his stall, he seeks for the light and looks toward the future. Although in a weakened state, I innocently looked toward the future with courage expecting to rebound and recover. Little did I realize what lay ahead.

Carefree Canter, pencil art by Andy Mast
Carefree Canter
19 x 24 Graphite Pencil – $12,500.00
Sold: 20th Annual Art for the Sangres Show 2016